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Welcome to the Oklahoma DEQ Electronic Reporting System.
CROMERR, an acronym for the phrase “Cross Media Electronic Reporting Rule,” was adopted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2005, for the purpose of providing a unified legal framework for electronic reporting under all of EPA's environmental regulations. CROMERR specifies the requirements for states, tribes and local governments that operated delegated programs to accept electronic reporting, including electronic signatures, from regulated facilities under most environmental regulations. Once a system is put in place that satisfies the requirements of CROMERR, regulated facilities can file electronic reports instead of paper reports, reducing the amount of paper created and transferred, and thereby reducing the cost of reporting and compliance monitoring for both the facilities and the agency operating the delegated program. CROMERR was in part issued to comply with the Government Paperwork Elimination Act of 1998, an act that requires agencies to provide an electronic reporting option for regulated facilities.
In many cases, it is likely that many organizations that come under the requirements of CROMERR will propose and implement vertical, application and/or program specific architectures to comply with CROMERR requirements. Oklahoma’s solution to CROMERR demonstrates a different approach—a unified approach that encompasses all applications and programs within an entity that is operating delegated programs. Under this approach, the compliance with the requirements of CROMERR becomes a single, unified, and consist effort, independent of the various programs and their supportive software applications. This approach provides a number of advantages, including lower cost, faster implementation, and a single compliance infrastructure to understand, support, and maintain.
Oklahoma’s CROMERR Solution implements Shared CROMERR Services for Identity Proofing, User Management, Sign and Store Documents.