ATTENTION: Excess Emission reporting has moved to a new platform. Please visit the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality web site for more information.

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*Attention: Due to server migrations, there is a 2 minute delay navigating from the immediate notice page to the 30-day report page.
We are actively working to replace the excess emissions reporting system entirely.

Please refer to OAC 252:100-9 Excess Emission Reporting Rule for a complete copy of the excess emissions reporting requirements.

In the event that the online system is down during business hours, please notify a member of the Excess Emissions Team at 405-702-4100.

Should you have any trouble accessing the online system, you may use the following alternate methods to notify DEQ of your excess emission:

Immediate notices are not required for every excess emission event per OAC 252:100-9-7(a). Use the Excess Emission Reporting Requirement flow chart to help determine whether an immediate notice is required for your excess emission event. Please note that the online reporting system still requires you to go through the immediate notice process in order to submit a 30-day report, although you may not need to submit the immediate notice in the online system before 4:30 of the next business day.

The 30-Day Excess Emission Event Report form is due 30 calendar days from the start of the excess emission for all events regardless of whether an immediate notice was required.

Mitigation from civil or administrative penalty may be applicable to excess emissions related to startups, shutdowns, and malfunctions per OAC 252:100-9-8.  On the 30 day report pate please click the "Add Mitigation Form" button or complete the hard copy 30-Day Excess Emission Event Report .  Please note that these are the only two options to apply for mitigation and the DEQ will no longer be accepting the mitigation portion of the Excess Emissions Peporting Form as a stand-alone form.

The Excess Emissions Online Reporting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) includes general guidance for using the Online system and provides answers to questions frequently asked by Facilities. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 405-702-4100 and ask for someone on the Excess Emission Team for assistance.

Thank you for using the Excess Emission Reporting Tool!